There are two new videos on the DTBS Website this week but we forgot to update people about the last two new videos that were posted on the website the previous week so sorry about that but you can still scroll through the homepage and find them. They were  X-Men: Magneto & Professor X's First Epic Battle & Alcoholic Spiderman Licks Carpet.

This weeks exclusive website video comes from DTBS's early years on cable access and its a very funny and kinky video which stars Matt Mask as a  male Gigolo who gets more than he bargained for.

The other new video this week is the latest DTBS Youtube video and its a horror spoof that was planned for a long time and was hinted at in our last Horror Jackass skit.

Silence Of The Lambchop reveals the truth behind Hannibal Lecter and its a very funny spoof of the silence of the lambs film so be sure to check it out.

Keep checking out DTBS and supporting us and we will be back with more videos soon.

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