Well finally I was able to come update the DTBS website. Its been very hectic and busy for DTBS the last little while so sorry about the delays in new content but here are the new vids for the site.

Video number 1 is a twisted sitcom skit we did for the cable access show years ago and its called "Charles Manson In Charge". Its about Charles Manson babysitting kids and believe me that is a really bad idea if your a parent or a good idea depending on how bratty your kids are.

Video number 2 this week is the most recent DTBS video on youtube and was filmed in public over the course of a day and we decided to ask people in public who they preferred between Mario & Luigi.

Be sure to watch the video on youtube and  vote by leaving a comment on the video for which you prefer.

Until next time take care and dont forget to spread the word about DTBS.
DTBS cast members Matt Mask & Josuke took part in the Terrace BC RiverBoat Days Parade on Saturday August 4th 2012.  Matt & Josuke portrayed Mario & Luigi and were in terrace to film a public skit & joined the skeena diversity society in the parade. The next DTBS video will in fact be a Mario & Luigi sketch that was filmed that saturday and its going to lead to a great debate.
There are two new videos on the DTBS Website this week but we forgot to update people about the last two new videos that were posted on the website the previous week so sorry about that but you can still scroll through the homepage and find them. They were  X-Men: Magneto & Professor X's First Epic Battle & Alcoholic Spiderman Licks Carpet.

This weeks exclusive website video comes from DTBS's early years on cable access and its a very funny and kinky video which stars Matt Mask as a  male Gigolo who gets more than he bargained for.

The other new video this week is the latest DTBS Youtube video and its a horror spoof that was planned for a long time and was hinted at in our last Horror Jackass skit.

Silence Of The Lambchop reveals the truth behind Hannibal Lecter and its a very funny spoof of the silence of the lambs film so be sure to check it out.

Keep checking out DTBS and supporting us and we will be back with more videos soon.
Hey everyone: I have one new video to post on the site this week since I posted a bonus video last week that everyone was asking for which was "A Nightmare On Sesame Street 2".

This weeks new video is our latest Youtube video "The Dark Knight Rinses".

The new Batman movie is out this month on the 20th so DTBS figured why not film a Batman sketch before its out. This sketch has some shall we say....interesting moments.

DTBS will be back next week with new videos: Hopefully we film one that I have been looking forward to for a very long time.
DTBS fans have been asking for this video again for a very long time and today I finally uploaded here to the website as an exclusive video not on our youtube channel.

I hadnt watched this video in a very long time and it was once a two part video because it ran longer than ten minutes but I combined both parts into one video for a just under 14 minute comedy sketch which is long but well worth it cause this video has a lot packed into it & I forgot how funny it was and how true it actually stayed to the material its spoofing.

Be sure to check it out on the homepage as its another example of the cool videos on the DTBS website you wont find anywhere else so share it on facebook, tell people you know to visit the website and be sure to check out all the cool stuff we've been adding slowly to this site to make it a cool place to visit.
This weeks new videos are classic DTBS videos from the past as we are currently filming some all new videos such as a Batman spoof called "The Dark Knight Rinses"

The first video is another Alcoholic Spiderman video where he does battle with his arch enemy Emo in what could be the greatest fight scene in internet history with the  weirdest background music for a fight. This is the website exclusive video this week.

The second video on the site this week is a sketch I think is one of the best horror spoofs DTBS ever filmed and features some of the best performances from the DTBS cast.

The Nightmare On Elm Street Before Christmas was filmed during the winter and has some hilarious lines, scenes and performances and shows what DTBS and its actors can do when they are at there very best so be sure to watch this classic skit on the homepage.

Well I am off to film some new videos. See you guys again soon.
This weeks videos are super hero related and also mark the return to the interwebs of a classic DTBS sketch series that we retired from Youtube but are now bringing back to fans on the DTBS website starting this week with the website exclusive video.

Alcoholic Spiderman is back! This classic parody character  started off for us as a series of skits on our cable access show and when we posted some of the skits online in 2007 the videos became a cult classic and gained quite a following. We quietly retired the skits in 2011 after filming over 70 videos over the years but we kept hearing from fans asking for there return and now we are bringing them back and filming new videos and this week we start by posting the very first Alcoholic Spiderman video that was posted online: Alcoholic Spiderman: The Beginning

Be sure to check it out this week on the homepage.

The other new video on the site this week is: Superman Reveals His Secret Identity.

We revealed Batmans secret identity in a past video and now its time the world finds out Supermans secret identity...but if you think you already know it you are very wrong so watch the video and learn the real truth.

Dont forget to share the vids you enjoy and telling people about DTBS, subscribe to our youtube channel and rate the videos and comment and stop by the site each week for new content.

See you all again soon.
This weeks new videos are pretty interesting and one was even filmed in public just recently.

The website exclusive video for this week is a public video that DTBS filmed recently and it features DTBS creator Matt Mask walking in a protest parade with a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber. You will want to check this video out.

The other video on the site this week is a stop motion animation video DTBS posted on youtube a little while ago featuring using Transformers & My Little Pony toys to create a cross over between these two classic retro cartoons that are just as popular in 2012 as they were in the 80's.

Dont forget to check out DTBS on youtube and subscribe to our channel and dont forget to share your favorite videos with anyone you know.

Links to our youtube channel are on this site in the DTBS On Youtube section/Tab

See you again soon with more videos.
Amazing news for DTBS: This week G4TV'S Attack Of The Show featured our most recent sketch "Thundercat Stuck In A Tree" on their blog. G4TV is probably one of the biggest entertainment related websites on the web today and to be featured on its site is quite the honor.

You can find a link to the post on G4's site right here.


Thanks to G4TV's attack of the show blog for featuring the video and hopefully more future DTBS skits make it on as well.
This weeks videos are pretty awesome and hilarious so check them out on the front page:

The website exclusive video features Matt Mask as Ozzy Osbourne in what can only be described as one of the weirdest shampoo commercials you will ever see...probably.

The 2nd video on the front page this week is Thundercat Stuck In A Tree. This is the most recently filmed DTBS video and its the first Thundercats sketch we have ever filmed but it wont be the last.

Be sure to check it out right now on our youtube channel and please dont forget to rate the vid and comment. Thanks.