Hey everyone this week you get two really awesome new videos on the site and this week you get a website exclusive video and its a really funny one.

The exclusive website video not found on Youtube is E.T crank calls episode 2.

Episode 2 of E.T crank calls is even funnier than the first one and will have you crying laughing.

The other new video this week is out right in time for the avengers movie which will be in theaters this week.

Everyones favorite mercenary Deadpool auditioned for a role in the avengers movie and we have a video of how his audition went.


Check out the website homepage for the videos and dont forget to rate and comment on DTBS videos on youtube and dont forget to share the videos with friends and family and tell others to subscribe to the DTBS youtube channel. thanks.
6/12/2012 04:34:07

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