Well finally I was able to come update the DTBS website. Its been very hectic and busy for DTBS the last little while so sorry about the delays in new content but here are the new vids for the site.

Video number 1 is a twisted sitcom skit we did for the cable access show years ago and its called "Charles Manson In Charge". Its about Charles Manson babysitting kids and believe me that is a really bad idea if your a parent or a good idea depending on how bratty your kids are.

Video number 2 this week is the most recent DTBS video on youtube and was filmed in public over the course of a day and we decided to ask people in public who they preferred between Mario & Luigi.

Be sure to watch the video on youtube and  vote by leaving a comment on the video for which you prefer.

Until next time take care and dont forget to spread the word about DTBS.

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