This week there are two really funny new videos on the website but duh its a comedy site so they had better be funny.

The first is as usual a website exclusive video not found on our youtube channel because it gets a little....funky.

Show Us Your Feet: Starring Count Mother Funky is a classic DTBS skit where woman show there bare feet the the funky one.

The second video on the site this week is the latest DTBS video on Youtube that was released on Mothers day. Sunday The 13th: Jason Vs His Mother is a funny spoof that features Jason Voorhees and the head of his decapitated mother Pamela. 

Check out the website homepage for the videos and dont forget to rate and comment on DTBS videos on youtube and dont forget to share the videos with friends and family and tell others to subscribe to the DTBS youtube channel. thanks. 

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