This weeks new videos are classic DTBS videos from the past as we are currently filming some all new videos such as a Batman spoof called "The Dark Knight Rinses"

The first video is another Alcoholic Spiderman video where he does battle with his arch enemy Emo in what could be the greatest fight scene in internet history with the  weirdest background music for a fight. This is the website exclusive video this week.

The second video on the site this week is a sketch I think is one of the best horror spoofs DTBS ever filmed and features some of the best performances from the DTBS cast.

The Nightmare On Elm Street Before Christmas was filmed during the winter and has some hilarious lines, scenes and performances and shows what DTBS and its actors can do when they are at there very best so be sure to watch this classic skit on the homepage.

Well I am off to film some new videos. See you guys again soon.

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