Hey everyone. The Homepage has two brand new videos for this week and this weeks theme seems to be Aliens!

The first one is a DTBS website exclusive & its called " E.T Crank Calls Episode 1"
This one involves hilarious crank calls where the rule is you can only use three words during the call & those are "E.T, Phone, & Home" but you are allowed to mix up the order in which you use the words. 

The 2nd video on the homepage just went up today on YouTube and its basically what DTBS thinks of Michael Bays recent announcement about making the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have an alien origin. Our video is called "Ninja Turtle Alien Abduction" & its funny and I encourage fans to check it out.

Share the videos with friends, and dont forget to comment and give the youtube vids a thumbs up so DTBS stays strong and gains popularity.

Thanks for reading...see you again next week. 

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