This weeks videos are super hero related and also mark the return to the interwebs of a classic DTBS sketch series that we retired from Youtube but are now bringing back to fans on the DTBS website starting this week with the website exclusive video.

Alcoholic Spiderman is back! This classic parody character  started off for us as a series of skits on our cable access show and when we posted some of the skits online in 2007 the videos became a cult classic and gained quite a following. We quietly retired the skits in 2011 after filming over 70 videos over the years but we kept hearing from fans asking for there return and now we are bringing them back and filming new videos and this week we start by posting the very first Alcoholic Spiderman video that was posted online: Alcoholic Spiderman: The Beginning

Be sure to check it out this week on the homepage.

The other new video on the site this week is: Superman Reveals His Secret Identity.

We revealed Batmans secret identity in a past video and now its time the world finds out Supermans secret identity...but if you think you already know it you are very wrong so watch the video and learn the real truth.

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See you all again soon.

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